TECH SUN has been in business  for over 5 years , it specializes in machine tooling and manufacturing of customized parts and systems as well as building automation for customers manufacturing needs. Tech Sun has been helping SSI with the prototype components for its system.

OMNI 3D HD specializes in providing the latest technology to facilitate operating room work flows respective to the field of Minimally Invasive Surgery.  Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) has demonstrated, since its inception into current medical procedures, to be the most advantageous form of surgery that a patient can receive.  Within the field of MIS it has been shown that improved visual clarity and depth perception in the operating room leads to a more precise operation.  The OMNI 3D HD System allows the entire surgical team to be able to see endoscopic video on a 3D 4K High Definition monitor.  The OMNI 3D HD model is compatible with the current DaVinci Robotic System.  The 3D display allows appropriate depth perception, as seen by the operating surgeon through the robotic console

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