Our Philosophy

From developed to developing nations, it is the goal of SS Innovations to make available the latest technologies to a global population that can most benefit from our advancements in medical engineering. This is the guiding philosophy of SS Innovations.

Our Story

SS Innovations has been involved in the field of medical robotic technology over the past decade. Founder and CEO, Dr. Sudhir Srivastava, has made it his personal mission to find ways to improve gold standard surgical procedures through the union of great skill, patient care, and continually advancing technologies. By pushing the limits of technology, SS Innovations aims to improve the quality of medical services for patients all over the world.

SSI Differentiators

Sharing Advanced Technology

SSI uses advanced technology, leading surgeons, and cutting edge training to push the field of medical robotics forward.

  • Latest Technology, more capabilities with additional focus on Cardiac Surgery

  • Modular Design

  • Superior Ergonomics

  • Cost-Effective – Capital, Procedure and AMC

  • Multi-specialty Applications and Cardiac Focus

Future Perspectives

Progress through Innovation

Innovation is the key to progress. We’re constantly refining and improving our technology and practices to help build a brighter future.

  • More surgical Robotic Companies in the next 2-4 years

  • Different type of Robotic Systems with a single or regional anatomic focus

  • Wireless controls and video streaming

  • AI Integration for automation and enhanced computer vision

  • Diagnostics and intervention will get combined

  • Ablative therapies instead of Excisional for many cancers

  • Endoluminal micro-bots

  • Nanobots for targeted therapies

  • Telesurgery with 5 G

SSI Technology Partnerships

We’ve partnered with leaders in manufacturing and engineering to reduce cost without sacrificing quality. Energid is our primary technology partner.