Utilizing Medical Technology

Technology is at the core of all that we do at SS Innovations. As visionaries of tomorrow, we are integrating intelligent ways of utilizing technology that will build a better future for the world.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery, performed through tiny incisions, provides lasting benefits for both patients and healthcare providers. Using robotic surgery:

  • Complex surgical procedures can be performed

  • There is less trauma and fewer complications

  • Patients have shorter hospital stay and fast functional recovery

  • In-hospital, social, economic, emotional, and healthcare system benefits

Extend Your Reach

Mantra Modular Arms

The world’s most intelligent surgical arms with accuracy and repeatability.

  • 7 DOF Robotic Arms

  • Actuators for each joint with motor, harmonic drive, electro-mechanical brakes, sensors

  • Mounted on Cart with height adjustment

  • Collision detection and avoidance

  • Accuracy and repeatability 0.1 mm

See with Clarity

Omni 3D HD Vision

Leverage an Integrated 3D HD display, recording in 2D or 3D, playback, and live streaming.

  • 3D HD 1080p Vision for the entire Surgical Team

  • Large 32” Medical Grade Monitor with brilliant colors and surgical depth

  • Integrated 3D HD Display, recording in 2D or 3D, playback and live streaming

  • Tele-mentoring Capability

  • Compatible with ‘Da Vinci’ Systems as Secondary Display

  • Integrated 3D Endoscopy

Tools for Precision

Surgical Instrument Actuator

Future actuator with 5 motors to control automated enabling technologies

  • Modular with 4 Motors to control Endo-wrist 4 Degrees of Freedom Articulation

  • Built in Sensors, PCB and Microdrives

  • Sterile Adapter with Sensors

  • Future Actuator with 5 Motors to control automated enabling technologies including Automated

  • Anastomotic Connector

Complete Control

Surgeon Command Center

Large touch panel monitor for all patient-related digital Information.

  • Open and Ergonomic

  • Large 26 or 32” 1080p 3D HD Monitor for Brilliant Magnified VideoImage

  • Large Touch Panel Monitor for all Patient related Digital Information

  • Touch Panel to Control Various Functionalities

  • Capability of Transferring CT or MRI Images on to Operative Field

  • Active Controls

  • Height Adjustment

Vision Beyond Compare

Articulation 3D Camera

Articulation with motorized surgeon control using mini joystick in 3D HD

  • Four way articulation

  • Helpful in looking at ports without moving camera itself

  • 1080p 3D HD

  • Chip on Tip Technology

  • Articulation with Motorized Surgeon Control with mini joystick

  • ICG Integration Planned

Optical Innovation

Smart AR 3D HD Glasses

Separate left and right eye video signals project through an optical engine.

  • Head mounted with peripheral view

  • 1080p 3D HD Vision

  • 32” Image projected 1 Meter Away

  • Two separate Left and Right Eye Video Signals projected through Optical Engine on to Opaque small screen

  • Natural reconstruction of 3D Image by human brain

First-Class Training

SSI shares knowledge and experience at our global training centers with Omni Studios. Our modern training processes include:

Hands-on experience

Labs with proven surgeons, engineers and SSInnovation surgeons.

Tele-training & Tele-mentoring

A visceral teaching experience that allows birilliant minds to collaborate.